The new guy

The new guy

Bonjourno everyone !! I have been dealing with FND for at least 5.5 yrs. My symptons are everything listed. Swallowing and breathing are and have been degressing for the past 2 yrs along with my vision which changes and shuts down like the rest of my body rapidly everyday. I have always been able to participate in any sport but now not so. Lifting weights and doing gym work is rapidly decreasing to balance and strength exercise's with swiss ball. I am an Disabled ski racer for the WinterPark NSCD Comp. Team. I also teach disabled skiing to keep my body from the black hole. But time is wearing my body down with the pain and everything else that goes along. Thank you for being here!!

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  • Hi skifast,

    Great positive attitude : )

  • I hear you and do understand. Am in the same place. Getting worn down with pain, and all of the rest after over 6 years of seeking help!

  • You probably are suffering from a genuine disease but the neuros don't know what, hence the stupid FND diagnosis. Stay strong, believe in your own judgement and I wish you well.

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