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At what point did you start using a walking aid/wheelchair?

I'm struggling with changes to my gait and increasing Chronic Fatigue. I regularly have to walk quite far and it is becoming very hard.

Aside from fatigue and some muscle weakness, I have persistent dizziness, unsteadyness - I waddle or tip over into my hip - my left foot catches the ground often and I have short episodes of dissociation.

What should I do?

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I think, a walking aid should be used whenever it is convenient and makes your life easier. I would not recommend using a wheelchair regularly if you still can walk - experienced specialists in rehabilitation say one's ability to walk declines without training. From how you describe your problems - I would think of a rollator with a seat. You can always have a rest with it, and it is great when you need to stand (in a line etc.) The other good thing is a mobility scooter, if you can afford it. You also can try walking with a stick, perhaps, a stick will suffice for your problems.


I agree a walking aid should be used, and a very sturdy one as recommended in the post below I have a mobility scooter and use it when I don't feel on top form and when I go shopping as standing in ques does me no good have a look in a disability shop and try things out have a sit on them and do ask if you cant have a try on try or if they have any you can go outside on to see how you feel using them. Good look and remember don't worry what people think it's you that matter and being able to carry on with your life as best you can.


get a walker for sure ! it actually comes in handy when you go have a place to hold your dresses and things while you look...and then you have a seat when you are in line waiting to check out !!!!


I think I will discuss this with my doctor before getting anything. Sometimes I'm still walking just about fine but it tends to degenerate after half a mile. It is the fatigue that really hampers me, and not always during the journey.

Thanks for your replies!


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