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New...... seeking advice please

A long story, as these things often are, but just home after 10 days in hospital after collapsing at work with symptoms: dizziness, weakness, collapse, dissociation, tremor/spasms/involuntary movements. speech & word finding difficulty, facial droop, balance and walking. This is second time in 18 months I have been hospitalised for a period of 10 days, plus 3 other times with shorter 1 - 3 days) periods in hospital with dizziness resulting in collapse with same symptoms above. I am now waiting results of tilt table test done in hospital, I have 3 day heart tape booked for next week and 24 hour blood pressure test also next week, after heart monitor. I have phoned & phoned neurologist secretary who saw me in hospital for a date of follow up appointment and have left message after message on answer phone but they haven't got back to me. I went to private ENT consultant last Saturday as I felt I was getting worse re dizziness and he ruled out anything to do with ENT (I had thought perhaps it was) and told me to stop taking the stemeril my GP had put me on went I went to him 5 days after leaving hospital as I felt I was getting worse re dizziness not better. GP stopped the Beta Histine hospital had put me on which Private consultant said would not have been helping me at all. I only saw the private consultant as a one off as the dizziness was so hard to cope with.

On reading through these pages, FND help, Neuro, & HOPE pages and HOPE on U tube this weekend I feel FND is so probable to me. How can I find someone to help? Neuro's in my hospital have not mentioned this, I feel lost and feel I am not being taken notice of. First time (Sept. 2012) I was put on Aspirin, Ramipril & Simvastatin as Neuro thought poss. TIA. This time Neuro (different one in hospital ward) took me off all those meds but why? She said she thought collapse was low blood pressure but that really doesn't ring true. MRI was clear. The Neurologist I am now apparently under is not the same one that I was under in 2012 onwards.

Sorry, I could write a load more, but I won't at the moment. I just want an appointment for follow up to be made yet can't get through to anyone. I feel no one in the hospital is listening. Can anyone recommend a Neurologist who may help and understand? I live in Essex. Thank you so much to anyone who may reply.

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Might I suggest you go to, have a look around there and then, if you wish, ask to join the private Facebook Group by clicking on the Request button at the bottom of the Home page. They are all extremely helpful and will do their very best to support you through this trying time and beyond. All my very best wishes to you. Duncan


Thank you Duncan, I have done so now.


What have your blood pressure readings been?


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