How many people have B12 deficiency along with this condition,Functional Neurological disorder.

I have been diagnosed with this condition along with a multiple faceted complex of other conditions,Pernicious Anemia,Asthma,Raynauds syndrome mild ,seborrohoeic dermatitis ,Dysphagia,Oral mandibular neck Dystonia.So ,question is same as above below.

H/ow many people have B12 deficiency along with this condition.

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  • I take it no one has B12 /pernicious anemia with this condition,or perhaps that is what you have wrong with you in the first place.Check out B12 pernicious anemia symptoms.


  • Hi there,

    I'm in the process of being diagnosed at the moment. All my problems started a year ago with a severe B12 deficiency. Everything's gone downhill from there!

  • SunshineC,so during all the investigations have you been diagnosed with FND with B12/Pernicious Anemia.The reason I ask is,that`s how its diagnosed out with me.I am curious as many of the symptoms of FND crossover from B12/Pernicious Anemia?

  • I take 1000 milligrams of B12 every day. My dose was 40000 mg back in September. I didn't know someone would take that much.

  • Were you diagnosed with Fnd as well as B12 problems ?

  • If your asking me; I was diagnosed with FND. It took months to diagnose it. They finally realized that I didn't have Conversion Disorder. It's hard to have CD when there is nothing to convert. :)

  • I have B12 deficiency. I had to have injections last year and my level came back to normal.

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