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Hello good morning everyone

like to check in see how every one copying

remember the first stage of actually getting well is acceptance of the condition honestly the brain is so intelligent,

that brain will need to reset its self like a computer in order to do this it

will have to shut down.. its like a copying mechanistic trust me, i know i go from complete articulate being able to know my own thoughts thinking and actually me


i herd mention one comments and noise to load and fuzzy thinking

i know how this feel and to is hard but actuality very sensitivity and over stimulation of the sensors

please do not take this to heart not meant but....

if we keep focusing on the difficulties our brain would magnify more and more real symptoms then more pain.... i know sounds weird but as signals not wiring properly at the moment.... if we try and overload them with more more added stress panicking and disbelief.

we going to have to make the brain work harder like CBT said to me you get shutdown bit like temporary depression feeling because my brain very active advanced with the Adhd or go to high can you see what trying to explain

So we getting more anxious trust me i know ive only got to get overly excited and i have coughing fit tight chest and go to be sick...

sensitive to light now more than i used to be....

the comment about noise being loader this is common with migraines. also if part of these condition sensory overload

Hi guys im trying to help trust me its horrible i know i not walked right since twitch have weird jerk walk.. going to not being able to lift foot to walk

Anxiety impales you i know but got try.... rethink and live again

life to short and this disorders are complex i know and sympathise with all of us,

i do

but got tot carry on, i get up and i cant move in the morning out breath very quickly from trying to walk... but guys i dont want to give up even in agony and god does it hurt stiffen rigid migraines in palling sickness the light noise sensitivity

you just thing jesus when going to stop, shaking and got pain cant stand light noise so i have to take medication for it help breakdown migraine

hey like to say this, i took one allergic reaction to medication to trigger all this off

went from not been able to feel my face arm leg chewing my tongue splurred speech weakness dysphasia

as soon taken it i reacted straight away... left me left frontal spam bough on chroinc migraines and loss of the ability in my gait over time more the chronic migraines impaled me the more lost ability and hearing in left ear more became more sensitive to sensors ending up jerk when trying to just walk straight if my left arm and twitches spontaneous as legs find hard co ordinate with arm jerk on really grey days loose the ability to move then to lift of the floor get extreme extenuation on small walks tight chest spontanous cought tic in my vocals.... so on

see i wont give up and i used to run before this impaled me xxx now barley walk straight on grey day ......

i spasm joints lock and could move bone to bone rub... trust me though ankles are breaking as right foot tend not co ordinate bit like semi perminat paralising good and get worse the more migraines i have and more pain rides up top of my skull thats it them right leg will not walk to lift more so.....

my dr and my nurologist been very supportive,

And i actually found peace knowing what dealing with years with bout knowing whats happening to me the stumbles the tripping up in front people... its been hard the brain fog the shutdown tryst me i know what it like ....

see mine very complex one.. but i still want to live and have my days where i can actually be me u want to live to the fullest

dont think of the grey day/ days.... think about the day that your brain worked so hard to give you the day that your you....

then just do something positive in that day and just live xxx love to all of you take carexxxxx

guys even though going through all this hot cold in minutes struggle control body temperature... i still think about we a lot better off the those poor soles dying of cancer...

that what we should be great full for that theirs hope for our there no hope for those people my father always said there always some one worse off than you and someone better off than you this ca

also mean pain and conditions xx he right

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