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clinical trial using markers in the prostate for targeting

Hi guys just a quickie I have just finished 5 days radiotherapy using markers in my prostate no problems but just started with the side effects bowell and bladder I think these are the usual suspects has anyone else out there had this type of high intensive treatment and will the side effects improve I don't feel ill just the problems stated above thanks

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Hello my husband had radiotherapy nearly 2 years ago for prostate cancer he was ok until second week,then he had one night of constantly up and fown to urinate,sometimes every 10 minutes!! I tried giving him a heat bag for some relief and paracetamol tablets,after a few hours it settled but was most uncomfortable for him. The next day at the hospital we told the radiotherapist who said they would rather not give any medication as it should pass,sure enough it didn't happen again much to our relief. He was lucky with the bowels,just a bit loosr,think you can get something from radiotherapy department to help if it a problem. Hope it settles for you,my husband is well at the moment with no lasting side effects! Good luck.


Thanks Sofirose I will just have to grin and bare it


Hi, I finished a course of 37 radiotherapy sessions just before Christmas. I too had the fiducial markers in my prostate. I have to say I had minimal effects on the bowel and bladder, a bit looser on the bowel and more frequency with the bladder and both are now getting better. It is important to go for the session with an empty bowel and a full bladder as the bowel moves backwards when empty and the bladder moves forwards when full and it gives the radiologist a bigger area to aim at without the risk of any collateral damage. I was given mini enemas to use and used them an hour before my appointment then drank a litre of water 45 minutes before and it seemed to have worked.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

Regards, Murray.


Thanks for the reply I had 3 markers placed in my prostate then after all the planning I too did exactly as you did prior to treatment all my scans were perfect, I then had 5 days intensive radiotherapy so regards treatment I am finished. It seemed a good idea at the time 5 days instead of 20 , I feel good in myself but regarding bowel and bladder that's another ball game constant bowel urges, I am self catheterising for the bladder so were we go from here who knows hopefully it improves as its only been two weeks from when the side effects started.

hope you keep improving my friend but I fear I have a long battle to fight

very best regards


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