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Burning ankles

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Over the last few days my ankles and feet have been burning . They feel like they are on fire. I have a lot spider veins appearing and a few veins are protruding. This is very uncomfortable. I am recently diagnosed ET JAK2 + and have been taking 500 mg Hydrea every other day for a week. Has anyone else had this happened and if so what helps the burning sensation?

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This is definitely something you need to follow up on. It is almost certainly MPN related. Erythromelalgia is known to be associated with MPNs. Not sure that is what you are experiencing, but you should make sure to look at that as one possible symptom of the ET. Likewise with the Telangiectasia (spider veins). The JAK2 mutation is also thought to cause alterations to the endothelia lining of blood vessels. Definitely something to explore with the MPN Specialist ASAP.

Hope you get answers soon. Please let us know what you learn.

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