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old and feeling it

I was only diagnosed with FMS last year which had the effect of making me spiral down into depression, but a year on I am coping a lot better. My biggest problem was that as I did not exercise due to the pain. I put on far too much weight which added to the pain! I then had a TIA ( mini stroke) which scared me big time.

I am now dieting and exercising as best as I can. I also have a better outlook on life. I refuse to let FMS get me down.

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Well done for being so positive, soprano.

The only way out of this situation is to battle through it, and you obviously have the strength and courage to do it. We're all here for you if you have a wobble, so go for it!

Love Moffy x


Like wise we all have our down times and are full of pain but we can have good days and fun, good luck with the diet... My exercising is very very limited but I have lost over 8 lbs since New Year's Day so we can do it

Good luck

VG x


well done! x


Thank you. I am trying to do what the TIA doctor suggested ( he was surprisingly sympathetic about FMS) He said take a 10 minute walk 3 times every other day, rather then a 30 min walk every other day.


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