this damned house

asked if i can have a grant to help with repairs,i have spoke about this before,this morning a brick fell from above the upstairs window missing me by inches,frightened the life out of me.I phoned home improvements she say they don't do loans,i said i don't want loan because i'm on benefits disability,she said we don't do grants.She sending a chap out to look at the situation then she will get back to me.Should i be hopeful,looks like the house will have to drop down around me,she seemed very reluctant to want to help.Fedup jacksie

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  • Are you renting? Or owner? xx

  • so flustered myrtil i forgot to mention , yes i do own it,wish i didn't though.I cant afford the upkeep,i think i'm becoming the worst house in the street ,probably exaggerating some,but it feels as though it is,repairs now if not done will worsen,seems like no way out .love jacksie

  • No one dont seem to want know or care, I own my own house out right,lost my husdand 7 yrs ago so it became mine..but like you, have to keep up the repairs etc,I have a son that can do bits and pieces,but have someone now that can do almost anything but have to pay.he only charge £10 a hour which is pretty reasonable is there anyone like that around were you live? xx

  • ooops x

  • yes myrtil but i'm talking windows,pointing up ,surrounding area such as patio ,drive way,just something all the time,it took all my time buying the house because i was a single parent,i brought my mothers house which was ex council.Great at the time but no money left to keep it in shape,now i can't work,i just get angry that noone will help financially without talking equity or loans of none are viable.hum,don't i moan,jacksiex

  • could you sell and downsize to a new smaller property.

  • I had to move to a cheaper flat as i couldnt keep up with the maintenence bills on my first place. Not such a nice neighbourhood but lower upkeep. Dont know if its an option for you to sell up and mive. My old place held lots of sad memories too of my late first husband. Now im in a new place after 24 years and dont know anyone but at least its more affordable. Good luck i hope u find a way forward. In my old flat i had a bad roof for so long i couldnt afford to fix so i understand xJ.

  • thanks sue i can relate to you.thing is easier said than done,people can buy a new build property for the same money as mine ,it costs to sell it then moving costs .I would love to have a bungalow ,my house would fall short ,thanks for your reply much appreciated,jacksiex

  • hi hun,i dont know how old you are but help the aged{ ,sorry if your a youngster lol ] or your local church sometimes have people that help in circumstances of difficultys,also any benifit centers like rights for dissabled etc,have retired people who just want to be helpfull,sorry if iv offended you xx

  • Hope you sort something out.I know how it feels to have to keep on top of things..I would like a smaller house but I like it were I am been here 30yrs,lots of good memories and good area and if I moved would I regret it!..You need a "sugar daddy " luck anyway..xx

  • Is it possible to sell your house back to the council, become their tenant and free up some cash that way or am I talking rubbish... I know there are adverts on tv where someone famous who has never had money worries advertise companies that buy your house and you become the tenant to free up your income... But if the council did the same I would think they would be more of a safe bet

    Really hope you find some solution

    VG x

  • i suppose grumps they could along with other agencies but it seems unfair i worked really hard for this on my own,don't want any medals,but if i could still work, with which i had a well paid job,i would have a choice as it is now i haven't any.I hate it,i've always been very independant,not any more though,there's one more thing than damned house it's" FIBRO".Trying my best jacksiex

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