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Fibro, ME, CFS, PVFS are these all labels meanining the same?

Hi all, i wonder if anyone can help with this question, i am trying to claim my teachers pension and this will be my second appeal. I have read that if i can prove that i have suffered with cfs for 4 years or more i match their criteria requirements! yipee... i found some information on line that indicates that these conditions come under the same catagory, does anyone else know if this is true? fingers crossesd. thank you, Shazzad xx

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Hi, yes it is if you type in fibromyalgia on google, open one up and go to symptoms. It shows cfs, me, arthritis, fm and a few more. print it off and send it with your claim. I think the best site is nhs. I hope this helps x


Thank you so much, you've made my day xxx


Yes they come under the umbarella of " Functional Neurogical Symptoms" This is what I've been told by my Neurologist. Hope this helps xxx


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