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Fibromyalgia Help Books

I was looking on Amazon's site for Kindle books relating to Fibromyalgia and was surprised to see so many books for sale on the subject, has anyone bought any of these books about Fibromyalgia I suffer with this Chronic Condition but don't want to waste money on books that will be of no help, would be interesting to find out if anyone here has bought and used these books & found them helpful. I have other health conditions too but I think Fibromyalgia is making my other conditions worse.

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hi personally i have seen these books on kindle ansd had a quick view at them but i have found thet really dont tell you anythiong that you cant get on just putting fibromyalgia in google so i would do that all the info you need wi;ll be on there rather than waste your money love toyou diddle xxxx


I bout fms for dummys i love that book I am really into the for dummys book but Diddle is right look up on uk only as usa is happyer that it exist and has different laws etc however it also thinks fms only effects fat people ???

Ok i know i not slim but i was until i had 4 kids 3 with fms ....Hum

gentle dyslexic hugs


Suggestion-- Try to order them through your local library before lashing out the cash.


I have found "The Fibromyalgia Coach" by Pam Wright useful. She is a highly educated lady who had to take ill health retirement thru Fibro, so she does understand!

kavavagh tipping publishing £14.99

Its a self help book, easy to read & sensible ideas.


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