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My WRAG Interview 23rd July 2012 11.30am (What an eye opener)

I attended my local Job Centre on Monday of this week for my first WRAG Interview as I had been deemed as being able to do some sort of limited work??????, The girl I saw was very pleasant and as helpful as she could be, she told me that I was being asked to attend this interview to determine if or not I was able to partake in any limited form of work, she then showed me my details on the computer screen and asked if I would go through my answers to see if anything had changed since I had first put in my claim for I/B in 1998 I looked through the list of Q/A and everyone seemed to denote no difference or change in my health or circumstances if anything the list has grown longer , I then asked if they could tell me what the ATOS Report had said about my condition with having Fibromyalgia, What an "eyeopener" I recieved not to mention the shock when she informed me that the only detail sent to them in their report was that I had Depression and would be reviewed in 18 month!!!!!!! there was no mention of me having Fibromyalgia ,Type2 Diabetes,Hiatus Hernia,IBS, All over Muscle cramps, Dexterity Problems with my hands, legs and feet, High Blood Pressure eyesight problems, Short Term Memory Loss, Severe Reflux, Inner Ear Balance problems, Tendonitis,Osteo Arthritis, Foliculitis and a severe dry skin condition, Oh and yes I do suffer with Depression, I wonder why????? thegirl who interviewed me then said I can see from the long list of conditions you clearly have, that they (ATOS)have not noted your other symptoms, The document I recieved from ATOS must have been contrived to say the least meant for my eyes only as it bore no resemblence to the questions I had answered at my assessment,My appeal date is now long past as I forgot to send the form back I found it yesterday in the handbag I had taken with me to the assessment and had put back in my wardrobe!!!! I feel really cheated by ATOSs obvious dismissal of my ongoing painfull condition and I am unsure what to do about it!!!!

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Gentle hugs are all I can send you at the moment and I send many of them

muchly dottii x


You need to launch an appeal against the Atos decisionalthough your chance for an appeal had timed out you could ask for an appeal on the grounds of having received information that the data used by Atos to assess your claim was incomplete and therefore the decision should be null and void. Go back to girl/organisation who brought this info to light and ask for copies of all relevant paperwork. Take this new info to a third party i.e citizen advice bureau or a solicitor as it can be used to support your case for a review. Best of luck and keep fighting :-)


I think you need to go and have a word with someone at your local CAB or similar organisation to see if there is anything you can do to appeal and/or complain about the ATOS handling of your assessment.

I think that it may also be worthwhile putting something in writing to your MP and making him/her aware about it as well.


I don't Believe it. Just about sums atos up x


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