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Weekend woes!!!

Well popped over the shop and its only a few mins away but now i feel like i have run a marathon. Just not sure whats worse, the absolute fatigue, the pains in my joints or the fibro pain. I feel so sick with it all, nauseous sick.

So nowi am gonna get a cold drink (prob not best to have hot) my friends dvds and my duvet and lay in bed for rest day. So signing off now.

I know many of you are bad today as well so hugs all around.


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bless you i am the same jus sitting here after popping to get meds and trying to sleep but eyes wide open at min i can hope love to you diddle x



Well i took painkillers, watched few eps of friends then slept badly i may add until about 4.30. When i went downstairs son had left dishes, messy worktops etc, cat had knocked his food all over the floor -argh!!

so as new toaster came has beans on toast, managed a cup of tea without dropping the cup or spilling it, Yay for me,,(my son says i need a bib lately :( )

watched some csi and superbikes then did dishes, tried cleaning cooker top but had to leave it i was so wobbly on legs so lying on bed now. Thought i would say goodnite and try to sleep soon. Try being the operative word i get a bit nervy on my own just in case i fall when doing the usual loo trip in the night and there is no one here.

Anyway hope you have a good rest both of you.

til tomorrow. xx


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