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I hope that you all ahve a lovely evening and sleepwell dont wish me the same as i know i wont sleep lol .

anyway i am at end of my tether and am struggling to type so m gonna go sit down on sofa and jus cjhill until it comes to my bath time then plop on the sofa agin for the resyt of the evning love to you all and thankyou all today for all the laughs we have had on here it really does do me the world of good

Night night my special fibro friends xxxxx love to you all DIDDLE X

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goodnight from me too, Im shattered


Aw Diddle, I can't wait for the day to come when you post a blog to say you have slept better, sleep deprivation is just the pitts isn't it. Hope you enjoyed your bath and have had some relief from it. I'm afraid to bath because I can't get out and then I panic.

Perhaps if I say don't sleep well it will turn the tables for you!! love Angela xx


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