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ME/CFS treatment

Thought I would share with you --- I have been reading a "getting better regime" which although is written primarily for CFS seems to also be appropriate for fibromyalgia -- you can find it on. It is a very long read, so I am taking my time "pacing" -- makes a lot of sense to me -- just need to put it into practice!!! Xxxx

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My grandson has ME and we looked at this and received a DVD and info pack from them. We didn't go ahead due to costs. Having said that he has since been to see a Kiniesiologist and the improvements in his health have been quite dramatic. Thus far it's costs us about £200 for the therapists time and the supplements. His diet has been quite strict but bless him he has stuck to it religiously. Onwards and upwards we hope.


I am going to look on this web site for a Kiniesiologist and see how it works, and maybe book an appiontment as if this treatment works then i am going to have.

How lovely to have a body free of pain.

So thank you for sharing this.


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