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Ovulation testd

So I have had two pregnancies both ending in miscarriages. I had a D&C about 5 months ago, we decided to start trying again. For the last three months the ovulation tests are showing me that I’m high but will not hit peak. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hey Dear! I know every couple wants to have their own baby. And the struggle for infertility is so hard. But we have hope due to certain alternate methods. Such methods are really a kind of blessing. Both the options are great but surrogacy is a more prior procedure over other techniques. Because it has high success rates. Moreover, I think success rates also up to the reputation and the quality of treatment a clinic provides to their customers. There are some clinics in Europe that are specialized for such treatments. I think you should consult them. I hope you will be satisfied with their facilities. Wish you the best of luck


Yes, you are very right about it. Surrogacy is a blessing for those who can afford. It's exactly my point. You have highlighted another important point in your post. That it should be legal also. Yes, I have seen in many countries surrogacy is banned. Many people are moving to Europe for their treatments. There is a good clinic in Europe. They are dealing with these treatments in a wonderful way. Their services are really less expensive. So dear it really doesn't mean that all clinics are very expensive. There are many clinics who are treating at a reasonable cost. So you must go there. It will be best for you. Wish you best of luck for that. My best wishes are with you


Hi Ive had 2 live babies and 2 mmc the mc were at 12 and 13weeks in nov and just resently 28th july so just getting back to 'normal' again. Before these mc using the cheap opk i had never got a positive always a faint line but I am able to get pregnant so not sure what it actually means. I did get referred to a fertility clinic after my first mc but got pregnant before so never got any more tests done. Being so soon after my mc I havent arranged to see my doctor yet to see if I can get referred again or something.

I get ovulation pains and im really regular so we just do it around day 12 I dont really bother with opk.


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