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Black Donor Egg

Hi ladies,

I am researching for my next IVF cycle online. i will be taking the Donor Egg route due to my age!! I tried with my own but sadly increasingly ends in missed miscarriage, heart ache and so many tears.

As a black African there is a shortage and very long the waiting lists. I am based in England Uk but can travel, can anyone help to suggest any place I can try to get a black donor egg? I am planning to go ahead asap with ICSI/ISMSI for sperm!

Please confirm what my best next steps should be to get started?

Thank you and good luck to all !!

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Can you try the US? Unfortunately this suggestion is only based on my statistics of black people out there and hopefully their culture on donating eggs will be better. If I were you, I would call a few randomly picked good ICSI/IVF hospitals to ask this question before you go out there - all the best x


Have you considered doing pgs ngs? I can't be of much help to you, but you might go to eggdonationfriends com that lists many overseas ivf clinics. And I would also recommend contacting First Egg Bank that offers Slavic, Asian or African egg donors (eggdonationfriends com/ivf-award-2016-first-egg-bank-egg-bank-year/ )


the clinic I go to in Cyprus they do all races for donor eggs PM me if you would like details x


Thanks Hun. Sounds promising. Will pm you xx

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Was just about to say the same. Not sure if it's the same clinic as Blondyboo but I'm in cyprus now and they do all races. Happy to message you details. x


Hi everyone I need some guidance. Please help! Are there any clinics in Spain with large numbers of black donors?


Hello if your still looking for a black donor. Im in California. I have traveled to london ro help another couple.


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