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Is all this cramping ok still?

I'm still waiting for my first scan and every little twinge and twitch is making me worry :(

I get them throughout the day, not constant but on and off, especially when I've been laying down then get up. It's all in the 'period cramp' area. It's not agony just there, you know. Is this a good/normal thing still even weeks after my BFP?

Tonight I was a bit naughty with my food and I think it's made my IBS flare up as I have a small cramp in my left side. Even though I know it's way too high to be related to ovaries or tubes or anything it's still making me lie awake here worried about what the cramps mean. I'm pretty sure this latter one is to do with IBS as its literally right near the top of my left hip bone so thats too high for anything to worry about the baby isn't it?

Sorry everyone one of those night where I'm exhausted and yet still like awake worrying. Anything you can offer in advice would be great thank you xxxx

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Hi Kitty, you're not alone. It's only natural that you'll worry about every twinge and cramp. All I can tell you is I had plenty of twinges, cramps, pully pains. Everything is still going well for us. We feel extremely lucky. I still over analyse everything think I will until he's here.

Just try and relax and believe.

Best of luck. Xx


Thanks L. The pulling pains especially worry me >__< just want to get to that scan and tell me everything is ok and hear that heartbeat. Ectopic pregnancies have happened in our family before too so I'm especially worried about that. Thank you my dear best of luck to you too! Xx


When is your scan? I think pulling pains are almost the most normal of the different pains we get its everything stretching to fit baby in! Xx


Next Thursday (14th) so not too much longer now. Just have to be patient which isn't one of my virtues lol


This all tests our patience!! Not much longer now x


I'm not pregnant but we are desperately trying and I've read that you can get quite a lot of crampy type twitchy pulling pain as your uterus is changing to accommodate your new baby 😀 So hopefully everything is AAAAAAAAAAAAA OKAY!!! 👍🏼❤️ Good luck and hope you and baby are well xxxxx


Thank you. I hope so too. Have had a nasty shock in that the next lot of meds wasn't included in our package so have to find nearly a hundred pound quickly to get some so it's all just extra stressed me out today. Roll on weekend and next week's hopefully positive scan :)

Thanks so much for your kind words xxx

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