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Anyone else on progesterone injections in the bottom?

I've been doing them for a while now and I've had some occasions where I've drawn blood on the way out and stuff. But today as I took the needle out a bit of the actual progesterone fluid squirted out. Literally squirted?! No blood just the fluid. I didn't want to take another whole dose though as i wasn't sure how much came out. Has anyone else had this and do you think it'll hurt the baby if I didn't get my full dose this once? :(

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Hi Kitty, I had them too and one morning had to have it done at the doctors as my husband was away (I can't believe you are able to do yours on your own-amazing!!)

When the doctor pulled the needle out some of the medication dribbled out too! I was a bit worried but he said not to worry about such a small amount. I think if it happened every day it would be different but once in a while won't do any harm. Do you count to ten when you have injected the medication? X


Hi Daisy. Ah that's good then if it happened when the doctor did it shouldn't be too bad. I just panicked because i knew I shouldn't do the dose again but didn't know if it'd affect my progesterone levels. I do count to ten but when I'm using my left hand to inject on that side (to alternate so one side doesn't get too sore) I'm a bit unsteady and find it hard. Have you had any times when a bit of blood had rolled out? Xxxx


We only had one time when blood came out into the syringe but like I say I wasn't doing them myself so it was probably much easier for us. Sometimes it would bleed quite a lot but I'd just lie in my front and give my butt a rub until it stopped! Is it feeling very sore? I got hard lumps where we were injecting and it was quite uncomfortable at some points. X


Yeah I'm getting a few lumps. And quite tender especially with the long drive to work. Nevermind though sounds like it comes with the territory. Thanks for your help :) hopefully will all be worth it. Would stab myself in the bum every day for months if it worked x3

The angle is really awkward but my husband isn't always home at the time I need to do the injections. Maybe if I get him to have a go at least on the days he can it'd help a bit. Thank you! I've been panicking all day xxx


Try to relax, it sounds like you're doing an amazing job. You are doing so well and like you say, we would do anything for our little ones. Take care xx😊


Can't you use the front of your thigh, I was told to do this, but it was 16 years ago. Is this better than the pessaries, as I think my boss may be injecting this time around xxx


I'm not sure about the thigh they said upper outer quadrant on my bum >__< I'm not sure these are better than the pessaries or not. My husband's boss used the same clinic as us at near enough the same time and we're nearly the same age and she had pessaries and I've got injections? Maybe there's a reason why they offer one to some of us xx


I think I was getting muddled with the stims


Hi ya! I had few times when some Gestone would come out so now when i take needle out i press a bit with cotton wool or antibacterial wipe.

I do it myself in my right "cheek" as cant do left and my hubby wasn't keen to fo it first and agreed i wasn't keen as had my neighbour injecting and when she did it couple of times i had burning sensation / pain for almost a day.

When ido myself its perfect as im taking my time!

Also had bleeding it depends whatspot you hit i guess.

Im on Cyclogest 400 twice a day +100 Gestone in the morning.

I had miscarriage a year ago and was reading that Gestone and Lubion are the best for keeping progesterone levels during the day/ night.

Ive been toldalso only inject in my bum as you need sufficient fat tissue ( well.i have plenty on my thighs!!! 😂)

Good luck!

P.S. Ive been injecting for 2w 4 days))))


I find it hard to do the left cheek because of my left hand lol I inject myself because hubby isn't always there to do it at the right time. I'm finding my bum is getting lumps where I inject now so the needle doesn't sink in as easy :( hopefully will all be worth it! I'm going crazy waiting for the first scan to see if it is worth it.

Good luck to you too my dear!

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My scan is booked for Thursday 21 st... Cant wait!

I hope all is well!


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