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6 week scan tomorrow excited, do I need a full bladder???

Hi lady's

So tmr morning I have my first scan I'll be six weeks on Tuesday . Am hopeing I'll be able to find out if it's a single pregnancy or twins ( I had to 5 day blastocyst transferred ) so it is v possible it would be 2 .

As long as there healthy and everything's as it should be I'll be very happy with 1 or 2 . I'm wxcited but also a bit nervous .

So far I've felt fine , just v tired , have gone off coffee and sence of smells through the roof .

Do I need a full bladder for scan it didn't say in my letter .

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They told me an empty bladder for when I come in for my five week scan on the 14th. Because it's an internal scan I guess. Good luck :)


How did you scan go? Xx


Hi, scan was amazing we saw a heartbeat a single pregnancy they dated me at 7.5 weeks and due date 13/2/17 . I've now been discharged from Hosp so now to register pregnancy with gp and 12 week scan in 1 month . We have a picture but I don't know how to upload it on here. So happy xxx how r u xxxx


Aw pleased for you and glad all is well, you might have a valentines baby ❤️

I am getting there now thanks xxx


Awwww. Sounds amazing. Have mine on 18/07 and cannot wait. Did you need an empty bladder?


Hi yep had an empty bladder. Xx


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