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Has anyone tested 5dp5dt and got a positive

Just in two minds wether to test today , got period like feeling as if periods going to come . Sorry if I'm driving u mad as I'm posting so much on here.

Feeling quite emotional as my partners being a complete arse hole , so I am going out to visit his grandparents soon.

Got a bit of brown discharge so was wondering if I can test 5 days after transfer and if anyone's ever had a positive that early??

Trying to stay calm and not let my pig of a boyfriend wind me up.

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if you test too soon, you could risk getting a false positive from the hcg injection you had for egg collection. I'd give it another 5 days at least. It is horrible waiting, but better than getting a positive that later turns out to be negative... Try doing something relaxing (and tell your other half to get a grip!!)


Test at 9-10 days, as this will be the equivalent of being 4 weeks pregnant. The brown can just be from those damn pessaries irritating things. And at 9 days the hCG will be out of your system. When you do test, make sure its first urine of the day.

Your boyfriend is sounding like a small child at the moment! Is there anything fun you can do together, are you doing something nice for the bank holiday weekend?

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I tested 4dp5dt and got a negative and I tested again 6dp5dt and it was positive from there on. Good luck lovely . Fingers crossed you have got a.sticky 1 on board xx


ThAnks I have 2 embryos so hopfully they both stick x


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