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Need some words of positivness please

I really am feeling like it not worked I'm 5 day past 5day transfer tmr and test nxt Friday but I'm not feeling as positive as a few days ago . Don't know why .

Still got the odd twinge in tummy but hardly anything. Maybe that's why I feel like it's not working .

Think nxt weeks going to be tougher for me to cope with than this week .

Really need some encouragement please . Xxx

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The 2ww sucks aside from egg collection for me it was the worst part

I watched all of downton Abby :)

It's a complete mind mess. I don't think there's any magic cure, it's just part of the treatment

Hang in there, what will be will be, big hug

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Hang in there. You've come so far, which is brilliant; try and take it one day at a time. Positive vibes x


Hi, hun! I'm sorry this makes you worry but I'm sure you shouldnt really. Not all the women face symptoms early after transfer - this is quite individual ;)

I've done IVF three times (we used donor egg with all the cycles in Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom)... We were successful the second time, but unfortunately ended with early miscarriage. The third cycle (which was a success and gave us our little boy!!) I remember feeling mildly crampy and bloated starting about 10 days after my embryo transfer. That was pretty much it. Also I noticed some very light spotting (I assume implantation bleeding). Then I started becoming very hypersensitive to smells. I also had foot cramps at night. The sensitivity to smells and foot cramps were also symptoms I experienced during my 2nd pregnancy, but not until I was about 6 weeks or so.

I know many people who have been through IVF and some people have said they had no symptoms at all before they got their results, so don't worry if you don't have anything besides the minor cramping. As for activity level, I took the day of the transfer off all three cycles and that was pretty much it. My doc insisted on no exercising other than light walking. Stay positive... I'm convinced that has a lot to do with it. Have my fingers crossed for you, hun!! Xxx

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