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Drugs arrived ready for IVF!

So been quite some years now but after two laparoscopys this year and finding out I have endo stage 4, I can now begin IVF. We are going private as i was told at 36 was too old for NHS IVF in my area, what a JOKE! 😔

My drugs have arrived today and I feel so excited and scared at once!

I have my baseline scan next Monday 26th October and hope to start the stimulation drugs that day!

Anyone else going through this at the same time?? Be good to have some support and be able to support others too.

Staying positive 💕💕

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Hi Missy, I start injections next week too so very similar timing to you - baseline scan on 27th and my drugs arrived today :) I just started a thread called November cycle buddies so we can get a little community together, I'm sure there must be lots of us going through it at the same time. It's such a mix of emotions even without the medication, I dread to think what I'll be like after a few days of those! sending you lots of positive vibes! Xx

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Hi that's great will join it! Be great to support each other through the process! Guess we're feeling the same xxx good luck for Tuesday xxxx


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