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Question re folicles

Hi, Just want to ask something, I'm doing injections ( short protocol) and I know this is to boost my folicles ??? Is this correct? What size does a folicles have to be before it is collected ( egg collection) ?  

Also, I'm guessing I'll have to do a last inj day/ night before egg collection, what time did you go I. For egg collection? 

And should I take anything? Can I wear nail varnish ? 

Random questions!! 

Thanks x

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Try avoid perfume, body lotions etc, the parabens aren't good. You don't want anything un natural. You want your body ready and happy to accept your little fighters xx


They looked for follicles above 18mm i think! I had egg collection at about 10am i think! Was told not to wear nail varnish, perfume, make up or even deodorant! Best of luck! Xxx


They will monitor your folicles at your scans, they usually tell you afterwards so you have an idea of what's happening. Egg collection is carefully timed with your trigger shot so they will give you an exact time to take it and that will determine what time your egg collection will be. No nail polish as they look at your nails to monitor you whilst under sedation, like others had said no make-up etc xxx


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