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The waiting game


Hi all. I have PCOS and been tycoon for 2 years. I am currently waiting for my first appointment after being referred for IVF. I received a text last week and I had to follow a link and verify my details and include my partner's. I am wondering how soon after you recieve an appointment. Also what shall I do to prepare? I've been reading that you should stop drinking. Someone please advise. Thanks.

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Hi! i think it depends on how busy it is and your situation but were on NHS and we had our first IVF consultation on 2nd October 15 and my first injection was on 3rd November 15 so it was quite quick! It's the build up before you have the IVF consultation that takes a bit longer with tests etc. Good luck with everything X

They just say eat healthy plenty of fruit and veg and water x


It just varies from area to area depending on how long the waiting list is. But, we had our first IVF appointment in Jan 2015 and (after a few more appointments) I started IVF on my May cycle. The time actually flew by once we got the ball rolling.

I did stop drinking alcohol but only once I had started the medication. I also cut out caffeine (switched to decaf), tried to drink more water and I ate more protein, pineapple and Brazil nuts. I'm not sure how much diet plays a part but it made me feel like I was regaining some control!

Good luck and take care x

Thank you all for your responses. I live in London and I have been referred to Guys. Not sure the wait there. Does anyone know?

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