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IVF Treatment With Klinikk Hausken

This is our third year of our fertility journeys and we are pleased to announce that Klinikk Hausken from Norway are offering one couple the chance to have their IVF treatment for free.

The clinic will cover all costs in connection with the IVF treatment as well as all travel expenses and accommodation. If donor sperm is needed Klinikk Hausken will also cover these expenses. In the event of surplus embryos the clinic will cryo preserve these at no extra cost. And if the couple need to use the cryo preserved embryos due to a negative result on the fresh cycle, Klinikk Hausken are similarly prepared to cover any cost connected to this cycle.

The outline above also includes travel and accommodation expenses.

If the couple gives birth on the fresh cycle they are free to use the cryo preserved embryos for sibling treatment at their own expense. The embryos will be cryo preserved for five years according to Norwegian Law.

Our website has more information and how to submit your details.


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