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Positive result - 5dp5dt

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Hi all, I have done a test this morning and my test is positive! The line is faint but it’s very early so I understand why. OTD is on Friday .. what do I need to look out for? Just the line getting darker?


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Congratulations lovely news. I think the line looks good for how early it is! I tested at 12 DPO and got a similar line to that. I hope the line will get darker as time goes on. I'd test in another 2- 3 days ( or if you are able to wait till OTD!) to give the HCG time to build up .Looks a good start and I wish you the best Xx ps I included my BFP at 12 DPO to show how faint mine looked then

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Thank you - I might try and wait a couple of days then that’s good advice. I don’t want to obsess over the colour of the line when it might not change much in a day! Thanks 🙏

definitely not worth stressing yourself over . HCG should double in 48 hours. Early days are tough but try to take each day at a time and enjoy- youve gone through so much to get here you deserve to be happy. Every pregnancy has to start from somewhere 😍 Xx

Thank you so much xxx

Woohoo!! That’s amazing news 🥰 yep it should just get darker but don’t panic, give it chance to double xx

Thanks - trying to stay relaxed and just not worry too much. As today is a day with good news!


News. Keeping everything crossed for

You. It’s so hard not to obsess over the line and how dark it is. I found my

First morning urine wasn’t the best indicator. If I waiting 2 hours no fluids was a better line for me

Personally. Everyone is so


It’s very exciting. Xx

Thank you for replying! Did yours change much in a day? I feel nervous in case it was an invalid test but I’m sure that’s very unlikely 🤣

This was my line progression. As you can see the morning one was much lighter compared to the evening. In the end I requested bloods as I was driving myself fruity trying to figure out. My first blood came in at 212. Then scan at 7 weeks. Everyone is so different but talking things through with all you lovely ladies helped me lots xx

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Yes!!! Congratulations. I have been waiting for this update. Mine looked like yours on day 5 with twins, mine got darker as days past. Just try not to obsess too much, i couldn't stop once I started and saw that line 🙈 xx

I know I am worried in case it goes away or the test was faulty or something! 🤪 Trying to just relax and enjoy today and hope that things progress as it should xxx

Im sure it will. I said to my husband this morning, do you think this is a bump or more just still mostly bloat (it's really obvious to see) ? He said for god sakes how many scans and appointments do you need before you believe it! It wont feel real for some time but try to enjoy it xx

It’s because of all the bad news you get with infertility it’s hard to take the good isn’t it! Hope you’re feeling good at the mo 😘😘😘

I am thank you, 20 week scan in a few weeks time. All so surreal.

You will be at your scan before you know it, it will all be a bit of a whirlwind now xx

Wow that time seems to have flown! Good luck if I don’t speak to you before then xx

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I love this. I say this to my husband all the time. He says it’s believe it’s happening although he can’t see the bump I see. I don’t think we’ll believe it until they are here in our arms x

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I'm glad it's not just me. I think when you've wished and tried for some thing so much it's hard to believe it when it actually happens xx

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DanABC20 in reply to BlueJeans83

Definitely. Miracles do happen. Wishing you luck at your next scan x

Amazing news, congratulations! Enjoy this moment and take it easy. Xx

Thank you. Wishing you the best, I hope we both get good news!! Xx

yay a line is a line! I have a WHISPER of a faint positive today at 6dp5dt - I had one at 4 but I think it was trigger - cause 5dp was really faint - 6dp I can't tell if it's the same or slightly darker or if my mind is playing tricks on me. So I'm going to do again tomorrow and see what we're looking at. I'm not really counting mine as a positive yet - as I can only just see the line...yours is darker! I'm going crazy. Bad backache today also xx

congrats - each hurdle passed is a massive victory in this battle


Thank you! Yes I would test again tomorrow if I was you. If you had the trigger disappear it should start to get darker for you from here. I think it’s still really early to have a line at 5 or 6 days so hopefully tomorrow you’ll have a clearer line to celebrate. Try to stay positive. Keep me updated! Xx

have you tested again since? I now have a pretty convincing positive at 8dp5dt and I'm still struggling to believe it! I just can't wait to keep seeing it get darker and darker!

Yay 😀 Amazing news! Yes I tested again the last 2 days and the line has got darker. I’ve only got 1 test left so going to have a day off tomorrow and test again on Friday which is my OTD. What date is yours? Congratulations! ❤️

yay! Yes, mine is Saturday, so like you I've got two tests left so I'm going to probably test tomorrow PM (as my transfer was PM) and Sat! Congratulations to you too - it's hard to let myself believe it tbh! And my last experience of a positive test ended in miscarriage so that's scary too x trying to take just the good days as they come. ♥️

I know, it takes a while to get your head around it doesn’t it! My other positive was the same and ended in MC .. I think we just have to focus on the fact that every pregnancy is different and there is no reason to think the same will happen xxx

that's right, I'm definitely trying to do that. I now have the rest of the week off work as I took it off in case I got bad news and had to come to terms, but I feel so flighty now I don't think work would've happened in either case so I'm going to go tidy the house to burn off some of my nervous energy and then pamper myself a bit this week!

thinking of you as we both embark on the next stage xx

I’m off from Friday but I wish I was off now like you - can’t concentrate at all 🤪 Enjoy your time off...we were both expecting to be down because of bad news and now it can be a weekend of time off to enjoy 😊 Yay! Xx

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