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*Sensitive post*


I have been keeping this news to myself for a week now. I still can’t quite believe it. After we were warned by our clinic to expect a fail, we had emotionally prepared ourselves for a bfn. When I first tested it, I hadn’t read the instructions properly. I basically dipped and turned over, saw no line and jumped into bed crying. Luckily, OH read the instructions, timed it for 3 minutes and then actually saw that miracle second line before me!! Scan is 15/10/20 which seems so impossibly far away. So far, I am largely asymptomatic, which worries me. Shouldn’t I be feeling more? I’ve now restricted myself to one test a week for reassurance. It sucks that we don’t routinely do beta testing here in the UK.

Who knew that after a bfp, you still can’t truly relax.

But I am cautiously happy and hopeful for a smooth journey. I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but just for today I can celebrate being pregnant for the first time.

To those still waiting for their bfp, I’m sorry if this post upsets you. I can feel the yearning and heart ache that comes with seeing someone else with a bfp. I know, because I felt it too often. Please know that I am thinking of you and hoping hard I see your bfp too x

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Massive congratulations ❤️

Congratulations!!! And I can totally relate to not being able to relax after getting your BFP. I remember thinking wow this is really just the beginning! But try and stay calm and before you know it the weeks will be wizzing by! Xx

Mrs_MT in reply to Bluebelle1

Thank you! I hope so! Already broke my one test a week rule and retested 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Congratulations!! Nobody can explain the anxiety that comes after when you've wanted this day for so long! Hang on in there!xxx

Mrs_MT in reply to Cinderella5

Exactly!! And how wonderful you are expecting too!! The clinic had warned me that if successful, there is 40% chance of twins 😳 (I had two embies our back in!!)

Cinderella5 in reply to Mrs_MT

Thank you! Good luck.xx

Amazing. Congratulations!

I had no symptoms or sickness either, so I can totally understand your anxiety. I booked a private scan inbetween finding out and the NHS scan just to keep my mind at ease.

Good luck and dont stress I'm, tryband relax as much as possible . A nurse told me watch binge TV and keep your mind off things to u get your scan :)

Mrs_MT in reply to Katbaby19

thank you! What week did you book the scan? I have one scheduled for 7 weeks. Depending on how anxious I am, I might have another before the 13 weeks.

Katbaby19 in reply to Mrs_MT

Yes I did another 1 around 10 weeks because I literally had no symptoms apart from a couple of dizzy spells,but nothing major. Do what you need to do to get from one scan to the next. I know its not healthy to be worrying all the time but I can completely understand how you are feeling so the extra scan helped put my mind at ease 😊 message me anytime you like for advice or any thing else.

Congratulations!!! xx

Congratulations! Exciting, but obviously an anxious time also. Definitely celebrate! xxx

Congratulations fantastic news xx

Massive congratulations 🎉🎉

Such a magical time! Try to enjoy every single day of it xx

Congratulations! Brilliant news and the line in picture getting darker! Really happy for you 🌺🌈✨🎊🥰🌈💖

Congratulations 🙂 that’s lovely news but I completely understand the anxiety...I hope you can start to relax a little more soon Xx

Fabulous news, yay!! Hope you have a healthy and relaxed pregnancy 🌟💕🥰

Oh congratulations!!! 🎉 excellent news!! I’m the same with being unable to relax, I get it. Maybe after the first scan? xxx

This is a lovely message to read, so thoughtful and heartfelt ❤

Many congratulations and I wish you well for the months to come 😘🤞🏼xx

Mrs_MT in reply to helsbels_2016

Thank you! Hoping everything works out for you xx

helsbels_2016 in reply to Mrs_MT

Thank you so much. Take good care ❤ xx

Congrats! Brilliant news 🥰 I know it’s an equally worrying time but try to enjoy the fact that right now, you are pregnant and that’s amazing ❤️ xxx

Mrs_MT in reply to KiboXX

Thank you xxx

Congratulations!!!! Try and enjoy every day as it comes, I feel very anxious too but in the same time we need to allow our self the joy that comes with it! When is your scan? Sending so much positivity and hugs! 🎉😘👏💐❣️🤞😘

Mrs_MT in reply to Raluca88

Thank you!! It’s 15/10/20! How about yours?

Raluca88 in reply to Mrs_MT

Mine is one week later, 22/10/20 and cannot wait!! How exciting 🤗🤞😘

Mrs_MT in reply to Raluca88

I am following you! Now to just ride these waves of anxiety!! Xx

Raluca88 in reply to Mrs_MT

Hey hun, just wondering how you are? How are you feeling? I’m not gonna lie, I’m super nervous... I saw you bought those beta tests, how did you get on with them? 😘🤗🙂😘

Mrs_MT in reply to Raluca88

I’m still waiting for the beta tests to arrive! I think by the time they get here, I’ll have had my scan lol. I’m still really asymptomatic. Maybe I get tired a bit more easily than usual but that’s about it!! Oh and on/off soreboobs. How are about you and how are you feeling? Xxx

Raluca88 in reply to Mrs_MT

Oh ok... fingers crossed is coming soon... so exciting another 10 days and you have your scan!! I’m ok thanks, boobs are sore, been nauseous on and off but most of it all I’m so anxious, can’t believe it... I don’t know what to do for the time to go quicker... I’m so nervous...🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 18 more days until I go for scan... xxx

Congratulations. I feel exactly the same. The anxiety has proper kicked in. Take care xx

Mrs_MT in reply to Debrakay1704

Thank you and congratulations to you too!! Xx

Huge congratulations! If you want to check your beta, you can order finger prick tests from medichecks. You send the sample off and get the results a few days later.

Mrs_MT in reply to ChloeDE

Thank you! This is great - they’re available in Uk?

ChloeDE in reply to Mrs_MT

Yes. Just go on their website.

Mrs_MT in reply to ChloeDE

Just ordered 2!

ChloeDE in reply to Mrs_MT

I went through a few myself in the first few weeks.

Congratulations!! 🥳🎉💕🌈 xx

Amazing news! We have to stop being fearful. Try to imagine a beautiful pregnancy, a short labour, holding your babies in your arms, watching them play and grow up. 😘🙏💕 You’ve got this!

Mrs_MT in reply to FertileMind

Thank you!! Must only remember positive things! X

Absolutely thrilled to see this!!! I’m so pleased for you, congratulations 🥳 Great lines too 👍😁 It’s an anxious, but magical time so as cliche as it sounds, do try to enjoy it- your first days and weeks with your baby(ies) 💗💖 I’ll be keeping everything crossed for your scan (and tbh am team twins 🤞🙏🏻👶🏼 👶🏼 🙈😂!!) xx

Mrs_MT in reply to Shelleybean

Thank you so much!! Hope you are well xxx

Huge congrats xx


Congratulations! ❤️ xx

Aww this is so nice to see! Massive congratulations xx

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