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Very faint line or eyes playing tricks.. suggestions needed


Hi ladies..

I m having all possible pregancy symptoms from past 10 days which are intensifying day by day.. my period is due on 10th may and today 8th may i took a test which is very vague.. plz give your inputs.. thanks in advance..

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I do see something I think.... I would get a first response early response test and a clear blue digital to double check though and try again in the morning? Good luck xx

Aprajita229 in reply to Twiglet2

Thanks for writing.. i will definitely go for some other brands tests but after the AF due date that is 10th... Can't see any more negatives so... ☹️😰

I do see a very faint pink line but i would repeat the test using a clear blue test and perhaps repeat as well in few days.

Aprajita229 in reply to TheSeal

Yes i will for sure... But only after my AF due date as negatives drain all my energies... ☹️😰

I see something but it looks like the line goes vertical? I would use another test with your FMU tomorrow or the next day. Good luck xxx

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