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SENSITIVE POST - He’s finally here, my miracle


Unsure of wether to post or not but I used to feel encouraged by success stories & I hope this doesn’t upset anyone.

Well it’s been a while since I’ve posted but after 2 failed attempts, one own eggs & one DE, my lil miracle man was born by elective C-Section on 7th February & he’s perfect & I’m soo in love ❤️. Never give up hope ladies, I’ll keep checking in to see how you’re all doing - sending you all mahoosive amounts of baby dust. Xxx

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His gorgeous congratulations xx

Aww he’s so gorgeous 🥰🥰. Congratulations xx

Of course you should post. Reminds us that this rollercoaster does get you gorgeous results like this and its worth it. Congratulations x

Congrats, he’s amazing, and I love a good news story xxx

Awww he's beautiful 😍 massive congrats to you! 🤗😘🙌💕 xxx

Really a cutie congratulations❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Gorgeous! Congratulations! X x x

Congratulations my dear just a joy pls make make sure you cuddle him 24/7 with lots of kisses and u believe you are healing well pls look after yourself too

Congratulations! He’s beautiful! 😍

Absolutely beautiful, congratulations xx

Congratulations!! Xx

Congratulations Michelle, he's a wee cracker!xx


Hi michelle. What a handsome "cool dude"! He's gorgeous! You will soon start many adventures together. xxxxx's for him and a BIG gentle hug for you. Diane

Congratulations, I love success stories it really helps me ❤️ xx

Aw he's perfect congratulations xo

wow, long fingers, a future pianist!

Wow!! What a little cutie! Congratulations on the arrival of your little miracle! 💛 xx

Congratulations xxx

Congratulations and thanks for sharing your success xx

Congratulations, he's gorgeous xxx 💙💚💜

What a beauty! Congratulations xx

Oh my goodness he is as cute as a button 😊. Enjoy every moment xx

Congratulations he beautiful x

Oh my god he’s absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect little boy 😍 Congratulations! Xx

Wow he’s just perfect 💙 Congratulations xxx

He is just perfect, huge congratulations xx

Lovely. What a cutie xx

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