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Here we again, only 4 follicles ☹️!!


Well after my disastrous first cycle of going through egg collection and the three follicles I had being empty, this cycle is not filling me with anymore hope ☹️! They changed my protocol and put me on Clomid first before starting stims tonight and this mornings scan only showed 4 follicles (and no little ones in the background). I just can’t help myself thinking that this round is going to go exactly the same way as the last round. I know it only takes the one and I should put my positive pants on, but this afternoon I just feel so flat. I absolutely hate down reg, haven’t really got on with the Clomid just feel like I have felt like shit for the last 3 weeks for no reason. I know everyone says the 2ww is the hardest bit, but I’d at least like the chance to get there and try it ☹️ just feeling a bit sorry for myself and probably need a kick up the backside to go and put my positive pants back on x x x

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Awww honey, stop giving yourself a hard time! So you're having a down day, that's allowed. All those bloody drugs are bound to make you feel crap, down regulation is the work of the devil. That tagged with the fact you've had a crap experience already really doesnt help.....however, you just never know if those follicles might be better quality than the last time. I had one really crappy cycle where I got eggs but had nothing to transfer and the next cycle mirrored the 1st however it went slightly better but I felt sick with worry the whole time. I cant offer you a success story just that there is hope things may not go as bad as last time. You are right, it does only take one so look hard for those positive pants, they're just hiding from you today!! Big hugs, hang on in there!!xx

Jonesjp in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you hunny you always know what to say to make me feel better. And your so right about “the work of the devil” that really made me chuckle, it’s bloody crap down reg. but your right, I’ll give myself today as just a bad day and pick myself back up again tomorrow, I’m sure cake will help with this 😊 and as you say fingers crossed these follies actually have some eggs. Thank you hunny. Are you all ready for your transfer? The weekend will feel like forever!! X x

Cinderella5 in reply to Jonesjp

Oh Im more than sure cake can help you with today! Im ok thanks, Im kind of excited, kind of scared! Hubby isnt helping as he is already fretting "what we'll do if this doesnt work again".......he needs to find his positive pants too! Ha ha ha We fly out tomorrow so not long to go really!xx

Jonesjp in reply to Cinderella5

Oh bless him it’s hard isn’t it. It’s always in the back of your mind the “what ifs...” so much so even with it being my first scan appointment today we had a full blown discussion with the nurse about donor eggs!!! I wishing you both all the luck in the world and hopefully he finds his positive pants at the same time as me 😊😘 x x

😥we all get days like this where u feel is it all worth while. Try and keep strong. What stimms are u on? Can't they increase them?

Thanks hun, I know sometimes it’s like we don’t allow ourselves a “bad” day and I think we probably should! I’ve been on Clomid in some hope of getting the follicle count up and then i will start on my 450 of menopur tonight and they will keep me on the high 450 dose until I finish stims. I think I just have to accept I don’t respond to the meds very well! Good luck with your upcoming transfer 😘

I can understand how you must be feeling. However, dont be so hard on yourself. I myself am in the same boat! It can be so hard at times. However, one has to be very strong. I think you should go forward with the process. I am sure things will go great. Sending baby dust your way.

Jonesjp in reply to hannahding

Thanks hunny, I’ve had the afternoon to think about it and feel a lot better about the situation now. I hope it all goes well for you to Hun x x

Don't be too hard on yourself, hun. It's okay to feel a little low. However, it's not your fault! Yeah, chances are slim, but it could still happen! Good luck to you! The two-week wait can be really hard to take you're right. I hated it, too. Sadly, we have to go through these things. Hopefully, things start looking up, now.

Jonesjp in reply to Gertiee

Thanks hunny, I’ve tried to chill out a bit this afternoon and I’m feeling a bit better about it now, some hope is better than no hope! X x x

Aww... sorry to read you’re feeling down 🙁 I had 4 follies on my first round and managed to get pregnant even though we had a miscarriage.

I know it’s really difficult, but you’ve gotta try and keep positive. It’s defo quality over quantity... all 4 follies may well contain lovely eggs.

Sending you big hugs 💕💕 xx

Jonesjp in reply to Lou7744

Ah thanks hunny, I was feeling really sorry for myself when I got back from the clinic, but Reading a few posts on here and trying to think about it rationally I’m now feeling a bit more chilled about it. Just had my 2 menopur injections so that’s the first ones down! Will try and keep my positive pants on until we go again on Wednesday. I hope your ok and not too sore 😘 x x

Lou7744 in reply to Jonesjp

Glad you’re feeling abit better, this ivf stuff is really wearing at times!! I’m ok thanks 😁 got my fingers crossed 🤞 for you for your next scan 💕 xx

Some one has to be the success story, no reason it can’t be you! Sorry your last cycle was crap. But that doesn’t determine the outcome of this cycle. Each cycle is so unique. Fingers crossed for you my lovely.

Pamper yourself and enjoy the cake!

Jonesjp in reply to jengi

Thank you Hun I believe the OH is bringing the cake down the hallway as we type 😋😘

Head up hun. You e got this. Wishing you the best of luck your egg collection. I have my IUI insemination this morning and the technician could only find one follicle at 17 yesterday before my trigger injection. All I keep telling myself is all it takes is one. So I am going to tell you the same thing. Best of luck hun xx

Heyy. Im so sorry you feel that way. Like all the ladies say it only takes one. Put your head up, smile and think positive. One of them could be your baby. Sending you lots if hugs and wishing you luckand i hope with all my heart your cycle is successful 😍😊🤗xxx

Jonesjp in reply to Klndmr

That’s lovely thank you hunny, I’m feeling a lot better about it today 😘

Klndmr in reply to Jonesjp

That's great. New day brings new hope and little bit happiness 😊🤗 I wish with all my heart you get your bfp 😊🤗😍xxxx

The drugs play havoc with your bondy including anxiety levels. There are good days and bad days and that’s ok. We are all in this together so remember you are not alone 🙂. Thinking of you xx

Jonesjp in reply to LKT1

Your right there, my emotions are a bit all over the place, which isn’t really like me! I let myself have a bad day yesterday and today I’m trying to be more positive about it all today x x x

Hi there! I know how hard this is for you. But just don't think about it much. You need to distract your mind from that. Things will work out but for that, you need to stay strong. Good luck!

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