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Provera Side-effects?


Some of you may know me from when we tried to conceive our daughter. I've taken provera before as I can't have periods without it but after completing the cycle and starting a bleed as normal, literally all day today I've had a migraine. I haven't had one since before I had my daughter and I've looked it up but can't see it as a side effect to provera but just feels weird that as soon as I finish them I get this migraine? Also when I have migraines, I get them, then after a few hours and some pain relief they go. This time it's coming back every few hours? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Maybe it’s your body just trying to get used to different hormones again? I suffer with hormonal migraines. I take evening primrose oil to help balance my hormones which does help with them and my pms symptoms which can be very unpleasant. I know mine are hormonal as they occur during my cycle when I know there’s some sort of hormone surge or dip. All the best trying to sort them out. They really are unpleasant. I feel for you. xxx


Hi Kitty. This is a long lasting hormone treatment that works on your pituitary gland in the brain, hence the migraines. I would mention it to your clinic in case they want to swap to a different drug. Good luck! Diane

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