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Diane's annual leave

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Hi Everyone. Just to let you all know that I shall be on annual leave from now until Wednesday 2nd January. As usual I shall pop in to check what’s going on with you all from time to time. We’ve had many babies born and new pregnancy announcements this year, which is just amazing, but sadly we have had some tragic losses both early and late on in the pregnancy, so as a family, we congratulate all the positives and continue to support and envelop with love, the losses. Let’s hope that they too will know the joys of parenthood in the future. If you celebrate Christmas, then have a fab time, and if not have a fab time too! Lads of love and hugs as always. Diane xx

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Happy Christmas Diane, hope you have a lovely break x

Merry Christmas. Have a lovely break xx

Merry Christmas x

Merry Christmas Diane and thank you for all your support and guidance. Have a lovely break xx

Have a great Christmas Diane and wishing you all the best for the new year! Thanks for all your help 🎄❤️XX

Well said Diane. Tude, myself, Otto and Amber wish you a lovely Christmas and a happy new year 🐰🐰🎄 xx

Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas Diane! Thanks for all you do! Xx

Merry Christmas Diane. Hope you have a lovely break xx

Merry Christmas to you too Diane, thank you for everything you do for us all xx

Merry Christmas Diane! Thanks for all you do. Enjoy your well deserved time off! Xx

Hope you have a great holiday Diane. And thank you for being there for us all through it all xx

Have a lovely break Diane. Thanks for all your support xx

Have a fabulous very well deserved break. Don’t be cooking too much and have some rest for you. Thank you for everything you very special lady xxx

Merry Christmas, enjoy your break ☺xo

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy some well deserved down time! xx

Have a lovely Christmas Diane xx

Merry Christmas Diane. Hope you enjoy the break, and also get to rest a little. Thank you for all your support this year. Xx

Merry Christmas Diane, hope you hVeca lovely break!

Merry Christmas Diane, have a lovely time xx

Christmas blessings Diane.

What a lovely message. Have a lovely Christmas Diane, you deserve it xxx

Have a wonderful Christmas break Diane and thank you for moderating this very special and vital community and the conversations that take place in it.


Merry Christmas, and hope you have a lovely new year x

Merry Christmas! Thank you for your support x

And happy holidays to you Diane !

It's so reassuring to have professional advice (and delivered so empathetically too!) On a forum like this when we all have so many confusing questions

Hope you have a lovely break x

Merry Christmas Diane enjoy da holidays

Merry Christmas and a fabulous holiday . Xx

Hi Diane,hope youve had a lovely Christmas break. On your return would you mind letting me know how I can email you, unfortunately I can't do it by clicking on the email option and I'm not on Facebook. Thankyou x

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Ive PM'd you!xx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to


Diane xx

Lovely message :) have a great break Diane, thanks for all the work you do xx

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