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Here we go again....last 2ww in 2018

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36hrs since my trigger shot have almost passed and another 2 horrific weeks commence. I have no idea how I should approach it, I have tried serveral things: being positive, being negative, trying to distract myself, tell some close friends about it, not tell anyone, stop going to the gym doing some meditaion, stay home from work for a bit, work a lot.... It all ended the same way, around 9-10 days after ovulation, I am going nuts ending in total devastation when AF arrives. At least I know this is the last time this year.

I dont know why but I am not giving this cycle any hope at all, I have left this year which was a very emotionally intense and horrible yesr behind me and try finding some hope in what comes in 2019.


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Sending lots of luck your way! Currently in the crazy 2ww too! I’ve learnt over time the best way to handle the 2ww is literally just to live your life as normal....too much rest and I go crazy....too much time off work and I go trying to crack on as normal! Hope it goes quickly for you xx

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THank you! The same for you. When are you testing? Yeah I just try to pretend the 2ww would not exist. I think it is going to be very hard over Christmas, also I have some work Christams celebrations this wek and I dont know how I am approching it to find an explanation why I cannot drink.

The good side of it: No more injections this year, I have some time to let my bruises fade, and I have a long holiday coming just at the end of the 2 weeks, so I am clearly looking forward to this instead :)

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baby2016 in reply to sarahharas

OTD for me should be Xmas Day! But was the clinics closed it’s now Xmas Eve 😬

I’ve got my works do this week too, but I’ve said I’d drive because it’s in the week and explained I need a weekend to get over a hangover! Ha!

You could ‘fake’ a water infection this week and say you’ve been put on antibiotics for it so can’t drink as you also want to be well for Xmas?! I’ve used the water infection one before 🙈xx

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sarahharas in reply to baby2016

Oh, I cross my fingers for you, hopefully a great christmas gift :) Thank you for your suggestion, that would be a good explanation! xx

Best of luck lovely!!

It's so great that you have this as I know you had no hope you had even responded to the drugs to even try to ovulate. I really hope this is your miracle time. Big hugs lovely x

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sarahharas in reply to Camillage

THank you so much :)

Sending lots of luck xxx💖

Good luck. I have been through a few rounds myself and they are the worst. Keep your mind busy and take it easy. Xx

Wishing you luck Sarah! Finger crossed for you.xx

🙏🤞💪 try to keep as busy as you can! Everything crossed for you xxx

All the best, I hope you get a positive outcome xx

Thank you all lovely ladies for cheering me up :)

I am already a complete disaster now! I just "know" that it did not work, I woke up and had this feeling that it had failed again and started to cry for hours. This is ridiculous, I know.... I think it might just be the hCG trigger shot that is still affecting my emotions..

Wishing you lots of luck. 2ww drives you insane but you will get through it. Fingers crossed for that BFP 🤞 xx

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