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So today is my 7dp5dt. Only another 7 days go before test date. I know so many times I’ve put on here to try keep busy and occupy your mind but it’s so difficult lol

So tempted to do the test Wednesday like some clinics say the 2ww is the two weeks after fertilisation / egg collection day.

I need to stay strong and wait until Sunday lol 😀

Hope everyone is ok xxx

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That is a long otd. I wonder why different clinics give different otds 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good luck for testing whenever you decide xx

Gosh yes that is long! Mine is day 16 after EC and I thought that was a long wait.

Whatever you decide heaps of luck and everything crossed xx

Mine was 14 days post transfer too and I held out to the end but as it was positive part of me wishes I'd tested sooner and saved myself a couple of days of stress!! The last couple of days I had an awful stiff neck and shoulders from the tension!! But if it had been negative I think I would have tortured myself for the last few days wondering if it was too early and if it could still turn around... at least on otd you get your definitive answer. I'm hoping it's a positive for you!!

I'm with you in spirit as a 2ww buddy, I test on Friday,the clinic suggested 2 weeks post transfer. I'm too scared to test early!!

Wishing you the very best of luck for when you do test Xx


Hi Babyblues. Just wanted to wish you every success for when you do test. Thinking of you. Diane

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