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Update from review


Hey folks so at our review yesterday I was off course an emotional wreck ( I find myself crying alot more after this cycle), I asked our consultant about karyotping blood test, he said they would only do this if i had 3 miscarriages and chemical don't count as they are 'a bit different. Just don't get why if I'm paying they can't do it! I also asked about hyspcopy ( spelt wrong) and lapscopy, again he said he had zero reason to believe I needed either of those as my scans didn't indicate any issues. I asked if he thought we were throwing away our money, ( spent roughly 10k now) he said most certainly not, he said there are couples that he would advise them to stop but he said with 2 cp and a bfn he would hope it more a case of the more times I try and a case of when rather than if. I asked about my lining he said at my last transfer it was 16mm ( I thought that was really thick). He said my clinic only do fully medicated fet and there is no evidence that a natural, semi med or fully med is any more successful than each other, so it will b fully medicated for me which I don't mind but annoying time wise it's just as long as a fresh cycle! We had 3 frozen which he said is an 'awkward' number as they like 2 defrost 2 at a time incase they don't thaw properly ( he said this it wud b unlikely that wud happen but it can) has anyone ever had embryos not thaw properly? He is advising I have 2 transferred if they both thaw well, both are 3bb but he begged me not to get hung up on grades as anything frozen is good. The other we one is a 2bb. Anyone got any info on those grades( even tho i shouldnt b getting hung up on them I can't help it lol)??we are hoping to start Jan, but the way my cycle is it will b the end of Jan. Hope everyone doing well and happy Friday xx

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I am so sorry you didn’t have a better appointment.

I have never heard of chemical pregnancies not been classed as a miscarriage? 😡Our fertility doctor said if we were to suffer another loss he would refer us for miscarriage tests-he did not say chemical pregnancies didn’t count. I would would check that out- it doesn’t sound right to me. A loss is a loss 🤦🏽‍♀️

Also very upset he thought scans can show everything- no they flipping can’t! Endometriosis wouldn’t show up on a scan. Mine never did- only showed via laparoscopy. I think you should have a hysteroscopy with laparoscopy-you’ve had 2 losses & a bfn. I would either ask for s second opinion or contact your CCG over this & the miscarriage tests. It is a lot of money to spend-maybe not to a high flying consultant but to us average folk it’s a heck of a lot of money to chuck at something that may or not work. I would like you want to run further tests before proceeding with a another round.

Obviously it’s up to you & I wish you best with everything xoxo


Hi Littleflower. I was taught that a chemical pregnancy is a loss under 5 weeks of gestation, so it in fact a miscarriage, so my feelings are that a chemical pregnancy should be counted as one of your losses. You have 3 embryos stored frozen, so perhaps a hysteroscopy would be the way to go, so that you can ensure a safe environment to return your embryos, plus would the recurrent miscarriage tests throw up that you may need some support with other medication such as Clexane (heparin), I don't know. With regards to your stored embryos, your embryologist wouldn't have frozen them if he/she thought they didn't have a chance, so try not to worry too much about the grading. Lots to think about, and I do wish you well with whatever is decided for you. Diane

Hi Little flower,I'm sorry but can't offer any advice but just wanted to say that I hope you can get some answers,this journey is difficult enough xx

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