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Last Tuesday the blastocyst was transferred in me and today again Tuesday, no symptoms, no breast sore or nothing and I had severe cold and cough whole week as the day of transfer I had already v bad flu and after ET I had v v bad cough until now, I am worried maybe too much cough which made my ribs and lungs v sore might damage the blastocyst and untill now it's almost 8th day no symptoms, nothing... I am panicking. ....

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Hello, no symptoms does not mean anything. I had no symptoms and got a bfp. Also coughing etc will not jeprodise your embryos situation. Try to stay positive until test day as thats really the only thing that is certain. Fingers crossed for you.xxx

Thanks Blueberry16

Hopefully everything will be OK, thanks for your reply, i appreciate your encouragement.xxx

I will be thinking of you.x


I convinced myself I was a bfn as no symptoms what soever. Turns out was a bfp. I stressed all the way through as I had not one sympton at all. Nearly 22 weeks and the only sign of pregnancy is my bump. It's so hard at the time but try not to stress it won't help. I found it reassuring reading messages on here. Lots of people had no symptoms so don't give up. Good luck x x

You know, I don’t know if there is any scientific grounding in this, but I had a cold when I got my BFP this time... and I am now over 17 weeks pregnant! I think that slight dampening of the immune system actually may help in accepting the little embryo in there... it is a little bit like an alien invasion after all 😂

Don’t worry about symptoms too much - they can be subtle or non-existent and still lead to a good result.

Keeping everything crossed for you lovely xxx

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Thanks wishfully, i feel bit peace after reading your experience

Hopefully everything will be ok, but yesterday night till late I had cramps , they were like period cramps

Sorry to hear you're so worried. Like the other ladies said, no symptoms doesn't mean anything. Try not to worry about being ill either, rest up, drink lots of fluids and watch lots of TV. Sending you big hugs xxx

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Thanks Charlie 78, I left everything upto God Almighty and now going to watch tv 😊Keep remember me in your prayers and yes I need a hug, thanks so much for that

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