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Sending love πŸ’–

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Hi everyone

I’m sorry if post offends anyone I just wanted to share some hope in this most difficult journey. After 3 previous ectopics are Miracle baby girl was born.

Ava is now 5 months old and it has been the hardest but most wonderful 5 months.

We have been admitted to hospital a few times due to cows milk allergy and severe relax feeding is very difficult which makes my anxiety quite bad a times now on milk try number 5 and praying this is the answer.

Hope everyone is doing well have seen a lot of bfp and sadly losses just wanted to say I’m here if anyone ever wants to chat. Xxx

31 Replies
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Congratulations she’s adorable xx

E8989 in reply to NsKaz

Thank you so much xx

She's absolutely gorgeous bless her πŸ’–

Congratulations .

Sorry you've had a tough time hun hopefully this milk will be the one.

Thanks for update love positive outcomes


E8989 in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

Aw thank you so much 😊 the dietician has said to put a tiny bit of nesquick in her milk just to make it more palatable the hypoallergenic formulas taste vile 😒. Hope everything is going well with you congratulations to you xx

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to E8989

Awwww bless her, really hope this works for her as I can imagine it's stressful on top of the everyday mummy things.

Thanks hun things seem to be going well despite the scares iv had along the way, high bp, kidneys protein etc but things are (touch wood) going, better than drs anticipated let's hope it continues


E8989 in reply to AllWeNeedIsluv

Thanks you hun x

Oh I’m sorry your having a tough time I’m hope like you said everything will continue to go well not long now until you meet your beautiful boy xx

AllWeNeedIsluv in reply to E8989

I know this bloody heat is taking it out of me.😫

Thanks for your lovely update hun. She's an absolute stunner.


Oh she is adorable.. :* congratulations! Also, I want to thank you for sharing your success and give us hope. I personally feel it means a lot just to share love and good luck knowing we're probably at some point in our fertility journey... desolate and exhausted....trying to cope with all the ordeals. I just hope my FET works out as well... fingers crossed.

E8989 in reply to Becca21

Thank you so much sending all the

Luck and positive vibes for your FET xx 😘


She’s perfect!! So happy for you all πŸ’ž

She’s beautiful

My icsi miracle is 4 months today (was 7 weeks early and in special care for 17 days) took me 10 years and 2nd cycle to get him and his amazing dreams do come true so never give up xx

E8989 in reply to Leesalou

Thank you aww congratulations oh wow bet that was so hard for you and 10 years what a journey you must have had your a warrior! Ava was 5 weeks we where so lucky that she didn’t need any NICU care hope you and your baby are doing well xx

Leesalou in reply to E8989

Thank you, his doing brilliantly thank you his caught up very well think there cause his such a boobie monster lol

His my little solider his one tough cookie πŸͺ

He ended up in special care as he was grunting where his lungs was sticking he was in incubated for 6 days on everything oxghgen antibiotics etc plus he was really jaundice come off that then went into the cot room in special care for 11 days where his jaundice levels came back up so he had to go back on the lights and he gained weight slowly, but his not fit and healthy 4 month old he now weighs 12lb 5 he was 4lb 10 at birth xx

Ahhhh too cute!!πŸ’žπŸ’œ congratulations. Hopefully the allergy is sorted out soon!!xx

Ahhhh.... bless her.... isnt she adorable so sweeet... enjoy xxx

Thank you for sharing and giving hope xx

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E8989 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much good luck with your upcoming cycle xx

Congratulations xx


Aww cutie 😍

Ahhhh πŸ’• congratulations xx

What a beautiful picture. It’s posts like this that gives everyone hope xxx

What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations and hope you get her milk sorted.xx

Omg she’s amazing!!😍 so happy for you πŸ’–xx

No one can find this post offensive because the baby is so adorable. Congratulations on becoming a mother. Initially, it can be a bit difficult but I am sure things will get better. Just be positive and strong. I also had my miracle daughter about 3 years ago now. We also had to deal with such complications initially but then it got better. Thank you for the motivation. It is really nice to read such positive posts.

E8989 in reply to angellllll

Aw thank you such 😊 yes just been really tough as feeding is difficult but the hospital have been amazing and I hope now with right milk and reflux medication things will get easier congratulations on your daughter. Did your daughter have a cows milk allergy? I’m glad Things are better for you are you on the journey for your 2nd baby? Xx

She is so cuteeeee. Congratulation and thanks for the support.

She is gorgeous ! Sorry you have had some worries hope it all settles down thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter! Xx

Congratulations, she is beautiful 😍

We all need hope and that is what your post brings. Thank you xx

Congratulations, she is beautiful. Fingers crossed the latest change in milk will help things improve for her as you’ve had a challenging time xx

Hello there. How are you? Hope you are doing well. Thanks for sharing this motivational post. I wish it gives hope to everyone who sees it. I'm glad to see your daughter. She is so beautiful. You are really lucky to have her. I always believe one should never lose hope no matter what the situation is. Your post also proved it. One should always keep struggling. Miracles do happen. We should wait and pray for our miracle to come. I wish you all the best for future. Take care dear.

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