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Never gonna be a mother


I’m out of the game. Brown spotting turned to red then full on period. I want to thank you all for the support I’ve had on here. Your all amazing and I wish you all the best in your journey. We’ll have a good holiday in September and then have some fur babies. It’s gonna take some time for this to sink in but for now, all I can do is cry myself to sleep and take it day by day. Love to you all 😘😘😘 xx

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I am so sorry to read this. Sending you massive hugs. Xx

Really sorry to read this. Hope that you have a nice and restful holiday in September x

So sorry to hear this mrs. Take care of yourself and OH xxx

I’m so sorry to read this. I can fully recommend the fur babies future though, we have two and they’re my world. I get more upset about something happening to them than I do not getting pregnant!! You don’t get judged for leaving them at home when going on holiday either 🤣 xxx

So sorry to hear this 😟 wrap yourself up in cotton wool for awhile and spoil yourself. Have fun on your holiday you deserve it! I might be down the fur baby trail too just added a kitten to the mix after my last failed ivf and have a big boofhead dog! After September if that fails that's it I'm getting a fur farm 😂😂 Lol Fur kids are the best. Sending you huge hugs right now xx

I'm sorry to hear this. Take the time you need to get over this. Never say never your far too young to give up. It took my 3 attempts and last one with donor eggs. Enjoy your holiday and see what the future brings best of luck xxx

Aw hunny I’m so sorry to read this, will be thinking about you x x x

I’m really sorry to read this. Enjoy your holiday and I hope you get lots of love from your fur babies xx

I’m so sorry, be kind to yourself as this awful time xxx


I'm so sorry to read this. I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday in September. Lots of love to you xx

I'm just so sorry sending love x

I'm so sorry 😓 look after urself xx

So sorry 😞 So hard. Have a wonderful holiday and give yourself lots of care and time xx

I am so sorry, this is just so cruel. Sending you lots of love 💕 xxx


I’m so terribly sorry to hear this 😢 sending lots of love, healing light and strength 😘🙏🏼. I’ve been through this 6 times, 3 needing ERPC’s at 8, 7 and 14 weeks followed by 3 chemical pregnancies, it’s horrendous but o promise you’ll be ok. A holiday is just what the Dr ordered and time to heal xxx

So so sorry to read this.. hope you get through this time and find the strength to try again xx lots of love your way

Hi Hun. I’m so sorry to see this. It is so hard. We closed the door last year. I’m not going to say it isn’t horrendously hard because it is but I wanted to reassure you that in time the pain does get easier. We have fur babies who we adore and we are enjoying our time together. Not having to take the drugs or plan your whole life around ttc does make life easier. I know right now you feel so sad and a whole range of negative emotions. If you want to chat, let me know. I’m sure when you get to your darkest places, I will be able to share my own experiences which hopefully will reassure you. For now, I’ll send you a big hug. xxx

So sorry to hear it, I hope you start to heal soon. Plenty tlc, love and fur baby kisses x

Thank you all for your kind words, means so much. It’s gonna take some time to get ourselves into the life without having children, but for now we’ve booked a holiday to Mexico in September so it’s something to look forward to. Love to you all xxxxx

So very sorry to hear this. I truly am. Have a restful holiday and take good care. I’d be lost without my wee fur baby xoxo

So sad to read this, look after yourself xx

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