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The test say is tomorrow at the hospital but I couldn’t do it anymore and I’ve done the test! 12dp5dt, 1st fresh transfer and I’m positive!!!!!!! The lines came up after 5 seconds and after that they was only getting stronger! I know it’s only the beginning but it’s a good start! I had really dark thoughts yesterday with all the bloating and pains, but here we are! Hopefully we will get the confirmation tomorrow.


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Congratulations.😁 x

Congratulations lovely xx


Congratulations ! Xxxx

Congratulations xx

Fantastic!! Fabulous strong line

Congratulations!! xx


Thanks you! I’m over the moon ❤️

Brilliant news! So happy for you! Big congrats! Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!xo

Yayyyy congratulations xx


Congratulations! Such a strong line! Good luck going forward x

Congratulations xx

Phew! I said congratulations on your previous post & then panicked because I thought I’d been premature! 😂 This is amazing news and nice strong lines on the test - huge congratulations to you xx

Congratulations xx

Massive congratulations to you both 🎉 wishing you a smooth and healthy pregnancy x x x

Congratulations 💕 xx

Fantastic news congratulations lovely 😘💖

Great news. Congratulations 😊

Congratulations!! Great news x

That’s amazing news. Congratulations x

Brilliant xx

Woohoo! Great news xxx

Congratulations ☺️ xx

That’s fab congratulations !

Congratulations lovey!!!! Xx 😘

Congratulations enjoy 😉 xx

Congratulations! Lovely news x

Amazing! Congrats! xx

Aww... that’s amazing! Many congrats 💕 xx

Huge congrats! And what a very dark line 👏👏xx

Yay! Congratulations!

Congratulations! Xx

Thank you all wonderful people for your support!

We’ve just been to the hospital and it’s true!! We are pregnant! The scan is booked for 19th. Can’t wait to see that little heart going!

Thank you❤️


Congratulations 😀 xxx

Amazing!!!! Congratulations! Hope you got on ok at the hospital today xxx

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