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Sore back and sick stomach but not cramps

So I am 5days post a 3 day transfer, which i got on Thursday with one grade 844 embryo. Today I have a sore back ( which I always get with my period, like a dull ache) I also feel sickish, I am sitting at work and can't concentrate with fear my period is on its way. I'm literally running to the toilet every 10 minutes to check. If it was cramps yes I cud hope it implantation but its not like cramps. Doesn't sound good sure it doesn't?

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Hello little flower, I really hope you are ok? The tww is so hard. Try not to overthink although I know that is so hard. I got all my usual pre period symptoms including spotting and was sure I was out and then got a bfp.. maybe try some positive visualisations when you get home? Hope your day gets better xx


I think if it was cramps I would b more positive it's just that sick feeling. Def goin to try an keep busy but literally nearly impossible.


There could be so many reasons for it - progesterone, anxiety! Hormones etc. Best of luck with the rest of your tww! Xx


Hi Littleflower, sorry you’re feeling uncomfortable. The sore back and sickness is most likely an effect of the progesterone. I had both symptoms during both my 2ww, try not to worry (I know it’s difficult). Progesterone mimics period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms, which are the same. Best of luck, this 2ww feels like eternity! But keep busy and try not to focus on the symptoms xx


Thank u, yes I have the sore boobs an that too which I know is itv was the sickness an sore back that threw me off, 2www is the worst and mine is the full 2weeks they have said so don't test to the 22nd!!!!

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I know it’s so hard, best of luck. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you xx


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