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Spotting at 7dp5dt... is there still hope?


Hi all,

I'm just wondering if spotting at this stage of my 2ww is usual? I noticed dark brown spotting on Saturday night, and it's the same today, very minimal. I do however also have mild cramping. My sore boobs have eased and I'm generally feeling fine.

Does this sound like AF is about to start?

I'd really be interested in hearing from you.

Becatoms xx

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Spotting can be a good sign. Hang in there. I hope it is xxxx

Fingers crossed for a positive outcome x

I had spotting and period cramps since day 7 my sore boobs gone since my spotting started and I was due to my period,since then I still have spotting still brown didn’t turn to fresh blood yet,I’ve got bfn today, but it’s not always like mine. you can get spotting even fresh blood and it’s because of implantation so fingers crossed for you it’s a good sign🤞🏻xx

I was shooting at 7dp6dt and I got a positive and that spotting stopped around 10dp6dt. Good luck! Its all to play for.x


Hi Becatoms. Often brown spotting is due some old blood coming away following procedures. The mild cramping too, could be from being pushed about inside, I don't know. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane

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