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Infertility. First Ivf treatment

Hi All, I am new here, pleased to e-meet you All. I've been reading lots of post about infertility and stories and I am a bit scared. We've been trying to conceive for 5 years now. I was diagnosticated with endo last year and had it cleaned from my ovaries. Since then I am experiencing lower belly pain specially during intercourse. I am about to book my first appointment for ivf now and frankly I have no idea how this experience will be

. I will be so grateful if you could advice me on this and perhaps some remedies for this pain. I am not a pill person. Many many thanks in advance.

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Hello Rbox. Lots of luck for your first appointment and this new journey. Sorry to hear about your pain; I don’t have massed of advice, but I’m sure a lovely lady on here will x


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