do you start FEELING pregnant Even when very few symptoms?

do you start FEELING pregnant Even when very few symptoms?

Hi all! I have done the obligatory 3000 HPT the final one confirmed I was still pregnant lol.... the line was quite faint and I have barely any symptoms... other than heavy boobs! I thought I would feel something, a little difference in my self. Should I do another HPT in a week on and see if the HCG shows a stronger line?


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  • I didnt feel any different in myself either.. And at 26 weeks pregnant I don't really feel different now other than my belly bigger lol xx

  • Congratulations!! :) One could be pregnant even without any symptoms. Yes, symptoms are that weird and not a very reliable indicator of pregnancy. I wasn't much fortunate to get pregnant for long enough to be able to feel it all but I've seen my sis getting no symptoms for the entire 3rd pregnancy, not even the implantation bleeding. The little symptom she got (or I'd say the one that she desperately counted as symptoms) like the tiredness, increased hunger and sore boobs types lasted from 9 weeks to around 16 weeks. The only time she got nauseous was a couple of weeks before her delivery. I think it's a good idea to do an HPT after a week to check if the HCG has increased. Is it your first? Did the blood test indicate a low HCG? If the 1st is yes and second is no then it's possible that your body doesn't metabolize enough HCG in urine to give a strong test line even if you have an optimum HCG.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply! Yes this is my first (hence I’m over analysing everything!) I have not had a blood test at this point as still awaiting first appointment, I’ll have done another HPT by then which I hope will show a firm line... handsome cramping this morning so perhaps I’m not as far along as I first thought.

  • It's not just about the first pregnancy - my sis and friends who have got pregnant says it feels all the same no matter which number it is. :) We only tend to be more cautious I guess and get concerned with even the slightest new thing that we come across. Everything sounds very positive, plus you've already got a BFP on HPT even the digital one - so the result at the Dr office is quite obvious. Just stay happy and rest well for the time being and everything else will be just awesome. Wish you a wonderful 9 months ahead! :)

  • Congratulations xxxx

  • I would still tell doctors you are and re-confirm to yourself in a week. But everyone is different. I felt a change a week after ovulation. No test could confirm for another week or two. Unfortunately I lost it shortly after. But yes I would say try to push for a test. Congrats xx

  • Hi, congratulations! Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms. Some ladies have loads from the word go whilst others hardly have any at all. And I do believe it can be different from pregnancy to pregnancy. As your HCG levels increase you would expect to see the line getting darker so I would test again in another 3-4 days just to confirm. In the mean time enjoy having not many symptoms. Morning sickness often kicks in around 6 weeks ish and can be awful so make the most of enjoying the news!

  • Done another test and 2 nice fat lines have appeared now! Still no symptoms but will be grateful for now! Thanks for all the comments xxx

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