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Unbalanced Translocation Help?

My wife has a balanced translocation and during our last pregnancy it transpired that the baby has an unbalanced translocation and was not viable. My wife has since found out that she has two half siblings, both of whom have daughters. We know that the translocation comes from my wifes mother, what are the chances of it being passed to the daughters/nieces? Is it something we should let them know about? Do they need to be tested? Thank you.

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Hi I will pm you.

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Hi jiv2020. My thoughts are that if you know you have a balanced translocation, it would be best to let other females in the family know, as it can be the cause of miscarriages even. They could then be tested to see and decide if they want to try naturally for a family or have PGS during IVF. I do hope you manage to have your own baby. Diane

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