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Good news..... I think 🤔

So today we had the meeting with the consultant to decide our next steps after being diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx in October and it was actually more positive than imagined

My AMH test came back at 43.3 which they would hope for a range between 9-29, the higher the better so 43 is really good. My partners results came back also really positive, they would hope for a sperm count of 39 million and he has 303 million 😮😮 so all in all really positive. However I have to have surgery to remove one blocked Fallopian tube which the consultant says is the reason we’ve been unable to get pregnant and once that is removed there should be no reason why we can’t get pregnant naturally 😆😆. I have a pre op appointment next Thursday, and then I’ve just got to wait for the surgery has anyone had surgery to remove a tube?

I’m so happy that we could potentially conceive naturally but also apprehensive that we could begin to try again and it not work as there’s a tiny part of me that’s niggling that the blockage isn’t the whole problem but I know that’s just me being anxious.

Anyway I just wanted to write a post on our results and I am so so grateful for the NHS and in particular the women’s hospital in Liverpool as they’ve been so efficient and really informative I couldn’t have asked for anything more xxx

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Fantastic news. Love the women's, they're great xxx


That all sounds really promising, glad you got some positive news. Hope all goes well for your op xx


Hi lucyC1987. All looking good for you. Great to get rid of the tube, which could be causing a developing embryo not to implant because of the overflow of lubrication fluid seeping back into the womb. Just want to wish you well with all of this, and of course for success. Diane


Hey! Really pleased there removing the tube for you and you should still be able to concieve naturally, its completley understandable that your a bit apprehensive though! Good luck and wishing you all the best xx


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