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6w5d scan - it’s twins!

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After effectively being told that it’s a single pregnancy last week at the EPU, we’ve had our clinic scan today and the empty sac is now a second twin! Both measuring the same size and we listened to their little heart beats. That will explain the exhaustion and terrible non stop nausea I’ve been having! Really happy but obviously we’ve a long way to go. Thank you for all your support lovely ladies!! Not sure what we’d have done without you all xxxxx 💕

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Yay! I’m so pleased for you!

Take it easy and all the best going forward 💕💜x

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This is just amazing news!!! So pleased for you!! Twins!!! Xx

Lovely news!! So happy for you ☺️☺️🎉🎉🎉

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy every moment of it... I am just 2 days behind you but haven't had no nusea yet... keeping my fingers crossed I hope I don't feel very sick....

Congratulations once again. Xx

Thank you! When is your scan? I think it’s just cos it’s twins that I’ve got nausea. Not everyone gets it. My sister had no morning sickness at all Xxx

My official NHS scan is booked for the 4th on Nov, but early pregnancy unit had booked a scan for me as they are monitoring me every two weeks. My latest scan was Saturday morning, I'm having twins too - we saw 2 sacs and 2 heartbeats.... so excited....

That’s fantastic news! So pleased for you. It’s a bit scary too eh wondering how we’ll cope! But a real blessing! Got to see Gp on Thursday to set up referral to midwife etc. Xxx

Your right, it is scary I am more scared now than I ever was... my GP referred me already and I've received the appointment too, I must say I had to push my GP....

Absolutely brilliant news. So pleased thats an amazing turn around for you. Lots of love hun big hugs. 💗🤗😘

Congratulations! Lovely news! x

How lovely 😊 good news on the twins too. Look after yourself and enjoy your pregnancy x

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Congratulations, that's amazing news! Xx

That's amazing...congratulations!! xxx

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Oh wow! Amazing news! Double congratulations xx

Oh that's fantastic news hun! So very pleased for you....woo hoo!xx

Fantastic news! Really delighted for you! Take care x

What amazing news. Congratulations twice xx

Oh my god that’s amazing news!! Congratulations!! Xx

This is amazing news! xx

Brilliant news!! 😀 Xxx

Amazing news, congrats xx

Thank you everyone. We are reeling! I feel so lucky but also v scared still. But will allow ourselves to be excited for the day xxx

How brilliant, congratulations! 😊

well that is amazing and wow wow. What fantastic news. many congratulations and I hope to hear of updates from you in the future.

That’s fantastic news!!! Congratulations!

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Fantastic news xx

Amazing news!! Congratulations!! 😊xx

omg I'm delighted for you ❤

Yeaaaahhh!!!! Amazing news!! Bet you are all happy 😊😊xxx

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OH what fabulous news, congratulations.

Congratulations that is lovely news xx

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Congratulations x

Oh my goodness that is amazing news! Congratulations. xxx

Thank you 😊 xx

Congratulations on the twin news!!! So happy for you!

Fantastic news... Congratulations 🎊 xxx

That’s awesome congratulations!! ☺️

Wow what a lovely surprise and it goes to show that scans aren't always right all the time!! X

Congratulations! What lovely news xxx

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How lovely. Congratulations xx

Oh goodness why a lovely surprise

Congratulations and wishing you a healthy pregnancy

That’s amazing news and what a miraculous outcome! Xx

Excellent news congratulations xx

What amazing news. Congratulations! Take care of yourself and the twins. Eeek x

Ha I was right!! Twins it is. Thrilled for you xxxx

lol yes you were - were really pleased but a bit freaked out too!! Need to get our heads around it xx

Amazing xx❤️💋💋🤞💗💙👣👣🎉

Whoop whoop we are twin buddies 😊. I get my 12 week scan on Thursday it’s a couple of days early as they are fully booked. Huge congratulations p.s I’ve been in maty clothes since week 4 🙈 so get ready to show very quick lol xxxxxx

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Double congratulations xxx

Amazing news 💖💖 xxx

How exciting! Congratulations

That's amazing news. Congratulations!! Xx

Wonderful news xx

This is such a lovely post to wake up to! Huge congratulations my lovely and wishing you all the best for a healthy pregnancy 💝 xxxx

Brilliant news, congratulations! X

Congratulations this is absolutely amazing x

Congratulations that's lovely news xx

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oh wow double trouble! So exciting for you and your OH xxx

Congratulations to you hun x hope you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy xx ❤💞😗xxx

Congratulations to you hun x ❤💞😗 xxx so happy for you ☺🖒❤xxx🌷🍀x

Yaaaaaay!! Double congrats to you!!!

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