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Failed DE IVF

A month ago I had a blastocyst transferred. It was my sixth procedure. I chose DE IVF this time because on my fifth cycle we got only four eggs and one blastocyst, which was transferred. On my OTD I got a BFN. So I tried DE IVF and about a month ago we had the transfer. Still got a BFN. I switched clinics and my clinic in Kiev found natural killer cells. I'm on treatment now. After all this I'm not sure I'm up for a 7th. I'm so scared.

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Hi there, I'm sorry I can't help in any way, I'm only one first failed icsi but just wanted to wish you well. I am finding 1 negative hard to take and feel reticent about facing more treatment, so I can understand your fear. Maybe worth one more go now you have the NK treatment? Xx


Hi Bibble,

I'm on intralipid treatment. Thank you for the good wishes. I wish you well too. Sometimes we have to stay strong to achieve the desired results. We should keep trying.


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