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Going private with the clinic you were under for NHS cycle

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering how you go about doing this. Do you have to book an appointment to say that you want to go again but as a private patient.

Do I have to wait until after I've had my review appointment. I want to get the ball rolling for when we are ready to go again. I feel like I'm stuck in limbo.

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Hello! I had two funded rounds, and now I'm on the 2ww of my private round at the same clinic. After I had my mmc I got a follow up appointment with my clinic two weeks later, at that point I told them I wanted to go again and what could we do differently. She gave me my new treatment plan and that was that, I just phoned up and started treatment on my 3rd bleed, so all very straight forward. If you haven't heard about your follow up appointment I would just give them a buzz, explain you'll be self funded and want to get things moving along. Good luck with your journey xx


Hi there, as above we just discussed the next steps with our consultant at the review appointment and we agreed the treatment plan and started the next round of treatment with my next AF. The bill was sent in the post after treatment. If you are desperate to speak to someone before your review appointment you could call them and explain and perhaps pay for a consultation, as if you were a new private patient, but I think it is for the best to wait for the review appointment as they will probably want you to wait for 3 months before starting your next treatment anyway. As hard as it is, I think you do need that time for your body to heal before going again, and besides that, the review appointment is free and IVF is expensive - why pay for a consultation when they will probably just advise you to wait anyway? Take the time to spoil yourself and relax, perhaps even go on holiday - that's what we did and I'm so glad we did as we are expecting our little girl in 3 weeks and god knows when we'll get the chance again! Good luck. Xx


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