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Negative testing day 8 after 5 day transfer, how accurate is this test


I was told that I had 2 grade A eggs, expect a multiple birth, after a 5 day transfer, I did a test today, day 8 negative, devastated

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I also got a bfn today but I am 11dp5dt. You may need to wait a few more days. I'm so sorry you are going through this. It's so hard. I'm here if you need to talk. I'm a bit down today of course but still have high hopes for other people. xxx

Hello ladies,

I am day 8 of 5dt I have tested the last three days and all have come back as BFN. So disappointing.

I suffered an ectopic following ICSI in December last year. I did get a BFP on day 9 then started to bleed heavily the following day. My hospital HPT on the official test day came back as a BFN so assumed it had been a chemical result. 5 weeks later we discovered the ectopic which resulted in open surgery.

I was so hopeful this time but losing faith quickly. I know it's officially too soon but would have thought I'd get at least a faint line by this stage if I was pregnant. I have been reading posts where people have had a BFP by this stage.

The 2WW is so awful.

Wishing all you ladies luck!

I'm on the same day with only 1 blast transferred last Saturday? I also got a BFN, let's try to stay positive, we may have late bloomers, fingers crossed. X

Yeah last Saturday for me too, feel sick, had a successful IVF last year, but MC at 12 weeks, I have one frozen egg, I am 42, don't know if I could go through again, as you say here's to late bloomers X

Thankyou Mrs C


Did anyone out there get a positive after having a negative reading day 8 of a 5 day transfer

Munthy in reply to Emmerdale

I stupidly tested today n it’s only 7dp a 5 day transfer and it’s negative which has gutted me but in reality it’s too early well I hope that’s the case. Good luck to you x

There's still hope! My friend had a negative on day 10 but a positive on day 14 and has an ongoing pregnancy of 6 months now. Hang on there, can defo change!xx

Aw thankyou, only positive feedback that I have had😄

Please be patient... I tested positive round 1 at day 10 and round 3 day 12...patience and don't obsess....breathhhh please eat lots of pineapple including the core, highly recommend you get this in you tomorrow and water water water! Fingers crossed 🤞 breath for a minute... please and just listen to your breathing... our mind can make us go nuts. Please please please.... 🙏🏼🙌🏽🦄✨🦄✨🦄✨🦄✨🦄

Thankyou, another negative today😥

Sorry about your negative. I know it's devastating but you should move on. We (women with fertility issues) have to be strong. Have to move on and think about bright future!!!!!

I do believe your efforts will be rewarded! good luck dear!!

Thankyou, anothercnegative today😥

I have one frozen egg, can't go through this again, have decided not to use

Thankyou everyone


Laulau34 How did you get on? Xxx

Hello Emmerdale, I hope all is going well with you, the waiting is so torturous! I'm on 7dp5dt. Transferred 2 embryos one of which was already hatching. Like most of us I can't wait until my Beta so I took the test and got a BFN. I know it's till too soon but anxiety got the best of me. So far I have absolutely no symptoms, my Beta is Thursday. I'm still very optamistic! Sending baby dust your way.

Hi Sharon,

Looks like we are on a similar schedule. How did your test go yesterday?

Do you know if Day 1 is the day of transfer or the day after?

I hope you are doing well regardless of your result.

I have been knocked down several times over the last 5 years. Still trying to keep faith.

- Marissa

Hey Mrabe314 my test didn't go well, it's negative 😞. Hope all is well with you. I'm on my AF now, have an appointment with doc on the 3 to discuss cycle.

I am sorry to hear that, Sharon. I just had a failed transfer as well. My blood test last Wednesday confirmed it. I too am now on AF and just went over the next plan with our doctor. Good luck to you.

Thanks ! Just got back from mini vacay, will be seeeing my doctor tomorrow. I am ready for round 2 not gonna give up. Hope all is well with you.


It could be too early to test, what hpt did you use?

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